Attila Birò | Günther C. Kirchberger | Georg-Karl Pfahler | Friedrich Sieber
4 Statements 1959

Attila Birò   I want my painting to be adequate to my own self. My constant task is to investigate manifestations of not reproducible character. Beyond the daily problems I wont to have the spirit to make, and also to present what I have made.

Günther C. Kirchberger   Art creates an existential identity. Its informative characteristics are not known. I only can say what I have done. What I do is taking continual steps into the unknown with every stroke I make, and all takes place within the risk of being art or not. Form, for me, has but the quality of remembrance. Colour that of vital life.
I hate mystification.
I try to be honest.
I consider failure.

Georg-Karl Pfahler   Paintings come into being not with the help of fixed rules but out of a necessity to be found in the human self. Artist and image; the self in action; dynamic process; movement. The more he (the artist) exposes himself to the question of his own existence he has to interpret this existence productively. There is no style anymore. Every painting is a new beginning, a newly formulated question, a new torture or joy. No day is like the following, every hour overtakes the one just gone by. Man and painting. Beginning and end. Question and answer?

Friedrich Sieber   When begin to reflect I have stopped painting, and when I begin to paint I try to stop reflecting. I can see no colour in strictly limited forms. Colours change while I paint - otherwise I cannot see them. I want to make this changing of colour visible. When I begin to paint everything is uncertain, and every time, I set a new colour, uncertainty comes in. The end of a process of painting is a decision after a clarifying struggle with colour on the given plane. Colours meet my eyes quicker than forms. The more effectively I work, the less particles of form remain.

Aus Katalog: attila birò / g.c.kirchberger / georg-karl pfahler / friedrich sieber. London: Drian Gallery 1959